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Just 3 Things

Full disclosure: I have become an affiliate of the Craft Industry Alliance and will get commissions from those of you who join it through the link I've provided. That being said, it is the best online group for small art or craft businesses trying to make it in this fast moving world. I am not a young pup but they make marketing, trends, everything relevant and easy to understand, even for me!! I've joined on line chat groups and webinars! Amazing! It's the best $35/year I've spent for my business. Webinars, a library of information, FB groups, you name it and they've got it. I learned how to make good videos for my business from one of their webinars. (Well I haven't done it yet, but I know how!) So, again, here's the link for you to join:

My name on their site is Stitch Magic, so include that and I'll get my credit. I know, this is blatant advertising for money, but honestly this is so worth it-for you. I don't promote other businesses much but this




Second, as you know, I'm teaching at a retreat center in WI in August. A dream get away for us all. At the workshop you can learn how to make a fabric landscape from your own picture(s), OR from my pattern. Either way, the focus will be learning to use perspective and value with your fabrics. So I want to show you a picture a student made from my pattern. Yes, more blatant advertising but she did such a great job I want to show you what you can do, too. Thanks, Jeri McKay!

Third, I just spent a few days with quilting friends at Alpaca Fun Retreat. (No, I'm not getting anything for posting this one.) It's a home converted into a retreat center which is set up for sewists and scrapbookers and other crafters. Three beds and baths can house 12 people. Very clean, very comfortable, and Jerry will even cook delicious meals for you (and he cleans the kitchen!!). Soon they'll have alpacas there! The owners live on the property and can't do enough to make your stay perfect. So if you are anywhere near SW Florida, check this out. It's lovely.

Oh, there is a fourth item, Happy Valentine's Day!

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