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Never say Never

In my class supply lists I specify 'no shiny threads'. The reason is that few things in nature are shiny. (The big exception is water.) I usually don't even buy it but I happened to be at the Peace River Quilt Guild 'garage sale' and bought a case of 96 shiny Sulky threads, mostly unused, for $15. One of the best bargains I ever got, I think. So with all those glorious colors, I had to try using the shine. Today I used shiny thread on flowers. And I like it. As you can see, the shiny thread is strategically placed where the flowers are hit by sunlight, or the petal ridges are highlighted. So now I may adjust my supply lists to say, 'Shiny threads may be used with caution!' Never say never! I'd love to hear how you use shiny threads. (hint, hint)

The next item is totally out of the realm of fiber arts, but I found this on FB and thought this was so cute:

I want to thank the wonderful guilds, members, and hosts of the Palmetto Quilt Guild of Hilton Head Island, SC and the Greater Columbia Quilt Guild of Columbia, SC for their wonderful hospitality and enthusiastic response to my presentations and classes. They went beyond all my expectations to solve my luggage problem and treat me with the utmost in southern hospitality!

A word to the wise, when booking flights online to Columbia, be sure you know that the airport symbols 'COU' mean Columbia, MO, not Columbia, SC. Just sayin'......

Finally, I will be teaching at the AQS show in Daytona Beach, Fl. Show dates are Feb. 27 through March 2, 2019. Registration has begun for AQS members and opens to the public this Tuesday, Nov. 6. One of my classes has already filled! and a couple of other classes are full too. One class I have open is a half day class Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 27, Free Motion Trees. The other class is making a beginning landscape, and the design for it is all new. That class is all day on Friday, March 1.So if you can get to the show, I suggest signing up asap. Here is a link to the Quilt Week page where you get workshop info. I'd love to see you in class!

Happy creating!

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