On Demand: Landscape Starter Course

                  Work at your own pace in this online class to learn to create realistic landscape art with commercial
fabrics and free motion machine stitching

I am very happy to announce that the Fabric Landscape Starter Class is being offered online! (The picture on the right is the exact one I use to teach you tons of important information.)


•  Comprehensive

•  Very Affordable $37

•  Relevant

•  Practical, not complicated

•  Straight forward

•  And it's all very doable for you!

Landscapes Starter Class Image1.jpg
This is where you'll learn the key art concepts and my unique techniques to make a photo come alive as a beautiful fabric landscape.
Landscapes Starter Class Image2.jpg

In this class, I will demonstrate exactly how to create a fabric landscape. You may choose to follow along, audit the class, or do the step-by-step lessons with the same picture I use, but with your choices of fabrics and places to stitch. I demonstrate how to do both! You will be able to download the picture, and get my methods for making a pattern, choosing fabric, using perspective and value, and my famous Two Stitch Magic stitches for foliage, water and trees. This class is your first comprehensive step to making that landscape you've only dreamed of.  

Do you want to make a picture so realistic that viewers feel like they can walk right into the scene? I want to empower you to do just that!

Even better, if you take this class, the cost of it will be credited to my next online class, Fabric Landscapes Blueprint, which will completely guide you through making your own picture, with personalized help from me! The Blueprint is not available yet, so stay tuned for the announcement.

Easy to purchase, the Landscape Starter, just click the link and enjoy my course! You'll be impressed with what you can do!  $37

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