* Two Stitch Magic is the method I created for free motion stitching details in my art. Find out more in my Store! Fun, Easy!

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The Art of Realistic Fabric Art
In this 45-60 minute presention, the essential art elements and techniques for realism are covered, e.g. using lines of perspective and use of color for depth. It explains much what I have developed over several years specifically regarding fabric choices and stitching techniques, as well as  how to construct a fabric picture, and much more. Many pictures of my in-progress work, and completed pieces are shown. It's laced with humor and enthusiasm. Audience questions are welcome. A trunk show is included. $300.
Stitch Demonstration

In the demonstration, I make examples from my Stitch Sampler Class, and give lots of tips and answer your questions along the way. I use a document camera and projector to show the stitching as it is done, so all can see it easily.