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A Quick Gift for the Season, and You

To thank you for being on my site, I want to share a quick and fun way to make a gift, a card, or get you thinking about how to interpret this technique in your own way.

The beauty of this is that it looks difficult but isn't! The whole project can be done in half an hour! This is all done with heavy card stock, sparkly ribbon, and green thread with a small free motion zig zag stitch. The 'trick is to angle the zig zags to go out and down the sides of the tree. A fun effect is to use the scribble stitch with white thread and sew randomly over the tree. Suddenly, it's snowing!

Here's a site and newsletter I enjoy. It isn't only for those in the midwest, it has great information on classes, artists, and inspiration for everyone:

The Midwest Fiber Arts Trails explore the Midwest's rich textile community through the promotion of fiber arts activities and cultural tourism. The Midwest Fiber Arts Trails are a network of physical and virtual arts trails which foster inspiration, offer opportunity for discovery, learning, participation, promote regional fiber artists and showcase extraordinary scenic destinations throughout the Midwest.

I also enjoy the following Facebook groups, which you must 'join' if you want to post your work: The first is, 'Art Quilts', and the second, 'Classy Quilts'. Go to Facebook and check them out!

I always get a lot of good reactions and comments when I post my work.

Happy Holidays, I hope you have peace and joy, and time to sew!

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