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Simple Tricks to Make Your Sewing Life Easier!

I have discovered/remembered a few ideas that I implemented right away into my work routine. Perhaps they'll work for you!

1. This really is a 'DUH, Bonnie' but I've always battled

the labels on the ends of thread spools. Well, now I just

poke a pencil through the paper into the hole on each end!

I can still read the labels, no goo on my thread poles.

2. I use a lot of bobbin thread, and thread of different weights.

It wastes time to figure out which is on the bobbin. So, use a

rubber band, stick it through the hole in the bobbin, loop it back

through itself and loop it around the matching spool. Easy to do.

3. Sometimes I cannot see where the machine needle hole is, much

less thread it. I have found that putting a paper behind the needle helps

me see the hole. Sometimes white works best, sometimes another color.

4. Sewing with invisible thread can be a pain, I have a friend who won't

ever use it. But I don't mind if I can get it set up so here's what I've learned

to do. FIrst I use the larger spools, particularly Sulky brand. It's not as thin

as some brands, and being on a larger (circumference) spool, it doesn't

curly as much. But the ends still disappear and wiggly around freely. So, I

found that coloring the tip of the top thread with a permanent marker makes

it MUCH easier to see (thus thread) and once threaded, taping the top and

bottom threads to the machine bed keeps them out of the way while I set

my fabric under the needle.

Hope you sewing life is now easier, feel free to share your ideas with me! I may post them. Happy New Year!

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