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3-d Without the Funny Glasses!

A wonderful quilter, Lynn Tubbe, sent me this idea for making 3-d flowers on her beautiful quilt:

I photographed forsythias, with Mt. Adams to the north, while pedaling around Hood River, Oregon, with my brother and his wife. When I showed the photo to my brother, he remarked, “That looks like a quilt!” And so it is. 53"w x 37"h

When you try Terial Magic, the directions say to iron the fabric dry (after you apply the Terial Magic). I wound strips of different yellow fabrics around the skinniest dowel I could find, in order to curl them for my forsythia petals. Obviously ironing things was out of the question. I just let it air dry, and the Terial Magic worked the same way. It replaces the need for stabilizer for many applique purposes. I think you will enjoy adding this product to your arsenal of art quilting "tools".

(I found Terial Magic online at Amazon, Joann's, and Walmart. There are also YouTube videos which explain how to use it.)

To give the fish dimension in this picture, I (Bonnie) used this wire mesh.

First I created the fish-separately from the background, cut and shaped the wire mesh to fit, stuffed it with batting and appliquéd the fish in place. BTW the Sea sponges were paper tubes wrapped with cheesecloth, I have heard that the mesh is machine sewable but I haven't tried it.

As Lynn Tubbe might say, Have Sew Much Fun with these ideas! and be sure to send an idea or two to me and you may find your 'thing' featured in this blog.

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