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A Fish on a Stick?

Another student has sent photos of her creative-ness! She took my class in which we created a landscape then attached it to a chipboard container. Sharon Englund explains: "I took the class and became - once again - a renegade. My landscape was of the ocean floor - fish and weeds and rocks - beaded and of course thread painted as you taught. Such a fun class. Attached are a couple of photos....The first photo with the fish on a stick was in last year's Common Thread at the Textile Center, Minneapolis, MN."

Thank you, Sharon! This is great eye-candy.

The ocean floor picture was first made on a heavy stabilizer in the exact size of the height and circumference of the chipboard container. The background fabric was large enough to overlap the container on the top and bottom edges, and where the two sides met. The scene was created while flat, then side edges were connected by a sewn seam making a sleeve which was glued and pulled over the container. Extra fabric at the top and bottom was glued over the edges to cover them. Finally a cardboard disk (the exact size of the bottom) was covered with fabric and glued on, Sometimes we made an additional scene for the inside of the container, even the bottom and both were again glued in place. No one ever added a fishing pole and a fish-until Sharon! Very clever adaptation!!

I just bet you have something 'fishy' or otherwise to share with us..................Don't keep it secret.

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