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Round Robin=Aurora Borealis?

If you know much about my work, you know I don't paint stuff. But I did take a class once that had us painting silk. It was fun and I got pretty silk out of it. But what to do with the silk? At the class I fused it onto a fabric background into a kind of flower thing. What to do next? I do like to finish what I start but I couldn't figure out how this time. So I talked some of my friends into doing a Round Robin. We each would bring in a project which we didn't know what to do with and give it to someone in the group who would then do anything they wanted with it, then pass it on to the next person to have her way with it. When everyone had done something with everyone else's project, the owner got hers back.

On mine, Judy painted, Linda added cut out fabric circles, and Stephanie free motion stitched. Roxanne had it last, cut it into strips and played with it until she had a pleasing design which she fused to another background:

I liked the piece much more than when we started, and yet, it wasn't finished to me. I finally solved the problem with my new favorite: Melted Felt. I stitched evergreens on sparkly purple felt, hit them with the heat gun, appliqued them to the background and Wallah! Aurora Borealis! Now what do I do with this 'top'?

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