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You don't know it, but you want these!

What is The Quilter's Calendar?

The Quilter’s Calendar is a brand new website that connects quilters, guilds and quilt teachers to each other using an easily searchable online calendar.

Quilters can easily see what events, classes, retreats and shows are happening in their state, month by month, or in places that they are traveling to.

Guild members can use the calendar (which is searchable by state or province) to see who is scheduled to teach in their state/province or in a nearby location. Guilds can then contact the teacher to book them to their guild, sharing expenses between guilds. That means less expense and more opportunities for classes for guilds and their members.

Teachers can submit their teaching engagements for free! By being listed on the calendar they can enjoy higher attendance in their classes and increase their opportunity to receive “piggy back” teaching engagements from guilds with every class that they list.

Visit today to see what’s happening near you!

An Efficient Sewing Room

I get a lot of good information from Laura A. Coia, who hosts an online show, 'Sew Very Easy'. Recently I came upon her sewing room tour which blew me away. It's not extreme in any way except that she has so many clever, clever ways to have what she needs, handy. She's done it pretty inexpensively, I think, and in ways we can do! Win, win!

I also highly recommend you check out T

It's Lori Kennedy's daily (almost) brief blog mostly about her free motion quilting designs. They are simple, even for me, and so appealing. She also includes lots of great photos of a variety of topics such as fine art depicting women sewing, antique sewing tools, and of course, her free tutorials. Oh, and it doesn't hurt, in my opinion, that she's a Minnesotan! Subscribe!

Here's my latest piece, Sanibel Sky. The map is printed on ExtravOrganza.

Have a fun week!

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