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Beginning Landscapes? Ha!

I'm kind of on a high here, and not just because Spring seems to have finally arrived in the upper midwest. Yes, trees are budding out, ice is off the lakes and winter boots and gloves are put away. BUT the biggest reason for feeling great is the result of a class I taught this week in Peoria. The Gems of the Prairie Quilt Group had me teach a beginning landscape class. I was warned that some of the members were terrific art quilters already and may need 'more' to do than the basics. Well, what fun, they took my suggestions and ran with them. RAN!

When I teach I always stress using perspective and value correctly. I brought fabrics (which all work in landscapes) and it was their job to layout their picture focusing on perspective and value, and letting the fabric do the work as much as possible. Gladly, everyone created their own picture and didn't need to rely much on my samples. I also teach my stitching techniques for adding even more depth and detail to pictures. There are two downloads available on my website which teach every stitching step for many natural elements. $14.99 each

Click on each picture to see it better, and to get a little description of its special features. Can't wait to see these completed. What a start! (That's a hint to the artists to send me pictures of the finished pieces!)

Thanks for having me, Gems, I enjoyed every minute!

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