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Save Money, Save Time

Hi Everyone,

I will be continuing to make new posts for this blog, but to keep more communication going with you I will also be sending emails via my new service, MailChimp. You don't have to do anything except open, read, and reply to them as you wish. You will see my name in the 'from' section and this poppy logo and/or 'Landscapes in Fabric' so you'll know it's from me. This should make it even easier to get in touch with me, especially during the exciting days ahead when I open registration for my online classes.

You will also notice a comments box on the blog posts for your convenience.

I'm very interested in what you need and want to know regarding realistic landscape picture making. Please send me your thoughts, so I can try to address them in class or in our upcoming class group conversations. There's a comment box at the bottom, please scroll WAY down. Thanks!


I have to reiterate what I've already said in hopes of saving you time and $$. It's about fabric choices.

When you walk into a fabric shop, do you feel like you’re in a sanctuary-until the moment you look for just the right fabric among hundreds of choices? Here are the kinds of fabrics to look for-ask for-when choosing the best ones for realistic fabric landscapes: I usually find what I need among the Moda, Hoffman, Andover, and Northcott.

My all time fav=Northcott Stonehenge

Both fabrics have possibilities, but the right side one is easier to use.

Squint and you can see lots of possibilities.

Top one is tricky to use, values go off in lots of directions.

This could work but the print is almost too regular.

Mmm, yummy Stonehenge again.

For the ultimate $$ saving idea, look for these kinds of fabrics in your own stash.

Here is the corrected link to the Wonderfil Thread article in which I was featured. Great thread, and a great choice of featured teacher, don't you think? The first picture you see is not done by me, I'm not sure why it's there except it's really cool and I wish it was done by me.

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