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New Two Stitch Magic
on Demand

     The New Two Stitch Magic is an exciting class designed to make a master thread sketcher out of you, whether you're just beginning or are ready to broaden your skills with thread and your domestic sewing machine.

     I have carefully constructed over two dozen video demonstrations that give you new and advanced details, including threads, stabilizers, machine feet and set-up. Oh, yeah, did I mention you'll learn to thread sketch the easy way? You will learn how to put natural elements right into your landscape by studying the many images of my own work and doing simple practice exercises with me. Remember you can watch these videos as much as you want. Good as it was, there is much more to learn than in the first Two Stitch Magic Flash Drive.

     My goal is always to empower you to become confident and creative in building your thread sketching images. You'll be amazed at what you can do!

Watch lessons at your own pace.

-Lesson 1-Supplies and Machine Set-up   

-Lesson 2-Grasses

-Lesson 3-Shrubs

-Lesson 4-Deciduous Trees

-Lesson 5-Palm Trees

-Lesson 6-Evergreen Trees

-Lesson 7-Water and Snow   

-Lesson 8-Rocks

-Lesson 9-Flowers part 1

-Lesson 10-Flowers part 2

Total viewing time about 1 hour.


Click this button to purchase your forever
New Two Stitch Magic class.

You will be provided a link to enroll on my host site, Ruzuku. There you create your user name and password and access the class! Ruzuku has great student help features and of course, you may always reach out to me. We're here to help your thread sketching journey be fun and super-successful!


My name is Bonnie Langenfeld

Next to my family, my first love is teaching. I love to enable others to have the joys and successes I have had with raw edge fabric and thread sketching for over 25 years. I developed my own stitching techniques with just zig zags and straight stitches because I wanted to work with beautiful, realistic and simple methods. I am thrilled to be able to pass these on to my students and send them off with limitless possibilities for creativity.

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