Meet Bonnie.........

I have to create. It can be home decor, drawing, sewing, inventing new uses for

things, or new ways to do things.


I first learned to sew on my mother's machine. I can still see where it was and

what I sewed. It was like magic-fast, amazing and a bit scary. From then on I was

hooked and have sewn almost everything our family has needed, short of

underwear and attaching buttons! (I have to draw the line somewhere!)

Since about 2000, I have developed Landscapes in Fabric into the creative business

it is today. I love the solitude of the the work time and interactions with people

who enjoy discussing the art process, and viewing my work.  My work is currently

displayed in The Hirdie Girdie Art Gallery in Sanibel, FL. Additionally I participate

in shows put on by my quilt groups. I teach classes and enjoy give presentations

anywhere I am asked. Ironically, I was an elementary teacher for 35 years and at

the time, hated giving presentations! Now I love it!

For many years I only did raw edge applique and thread sketching/painting. I pride

myself in not using any paint or ink to enhance the images. (Ok, once in a while I

do write house numbers with a fine marker, but that's it.) Very recently I began to

create with synthetic felt. It stitches and melts very easily so it is a great medium for creating textures on my landscapes. 

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Awards & Recognition

  • Honorable Mention, "Boats at Dawn", Peace River Quilters Show-2017

  • Honorable Mention, "Into the Sunset", Peace River Quilters Show-2017

  • Honorable Mention, "Tiki Hut", Peace River Quilters Show -2015

  • First Place Double Award for "Blue Winter" and "Glorious Everglades -2014

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in three different categories, Members Flower Challenge, Art Quilters Unlimited

  • Hirdie Girdie Gallery, Sanibel, FL Coop Gallery Member -2014

  • 2nd Place "Everglades Avenue", Alliance for the Arts -2013

  • 1st Place Mixed Media, "1800s Garden" 4th Annual Juried Arts Competition

  • Honorable Mention, "Lady Slipper" Hopkins Center for the Arts

  • Award of Excellence, "From Sea to Shining Sea", Hopkins Center for the Arts

  • "From Sea to Shining Sea" Freedom-The Fiber of our Nation, juried exhibit, Minneapolis Textile Center

* Two Stitch Magic is the method I created for free motion stitching details in my art. Find out more in my Store! Fun, Easy!

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