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Bonnie has a gift in simplifying landscape quilting with humor and gentleness. She encourages and inspires quilters to try new things by showing examples with easy-to-understand explanations. I think even less-artsy quilters will be successful with Bonnie’s advice!  

Susan K Cleveland


There are talented and creative artists. There are talented and creative teachers. Bonnie is both a talented artist and a very skilled creative teacher. I am a professional administrator and teacher evaluator but an insecure artist.

Bonnie was one of my first teachers for doing landscapes with fabric. She provides a comfortable safe environment for learning. This was so important as I was taking a risk with my  fragile confidence. What was best about this class is I used what I learned and continue to build on that learning.

Bonnie continues to teach me through listening and coaching. I never feel like I am bothering her if I have a question or just need a friend. If you have not taken Bonnie’s class, do put it on your “to do” list. You will be glad you did.

Linda Roller, Denver, CO

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to take a class from Bonnie! Her skill level and her ability to patiently teach a novice like me how to thread paint, totally amazes me! She truly is an artist with a gift to teach her skill.

Nancy Lawson, Minot, ND

I love your fusible, Soft Fuse. It's much easier to work with than ... (other light fusibles) because I can feel it. The other fusibles fly all over.

Ann Moroz, The Villages, FL