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Eye Candy

I hope you have a few minutes to savor the beautiful work shared by two students. I am so grateful to them for letting me show off their creations.


The first piece is by Linda Roller. She wrote:

"The Street in Italy art quilt began during my first class with Bonnie. This work has been an ongoing learning opportunity. Wanting to have realism and depth, I struggled with the perspective especially with the curve in the street. Looking at photos of the work was helpful. What really made a difference were the conversations with Bonnie as we both looked at my progress. After studying it for so long, another set of eyes enables you to see possibilities."

The more I study this picture, the more I'm in awe of Linda's accomplishment. The actual buildings are not only crooked, but the curved doorways are different heights and sizes, their stoops slant in different directions and the street curves downhill as it recedes. Linda's technique is raw edge appliqué but differs from mine in that she uses dozens and dozens of tiny fabric pieces to effectively create shapes and textures. I try to use the biggest piece that will do the job. Amazing work!


Cindy Mecca has created this wonderful thread sketched bird. The top picture is the photo she used to create the bird below it. I know she is planning to put the bird into a larger picture so *HINT* I hope she sends that along for us all to see, when it's finished. Cindy has done a masterful job of getting the details right, it's very tricky to do on such a small bird.


I'd love to hear from you and see what you've been stitching. Whether you are a former student or not, I believe in sharing the Eye Candy. If you want to learn more, take a look at the classes I teach, remember I can work with you in my home, and consider using what I teach in my videos. They are called Two Stitch Magic for a reason! It's all on my website.

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