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Open this When You Have 'Me Time'


I hope you've had a great Thanksgiving, and now have some Me Time. So enjoy the goodies I've lined up just for YOU. If you're in the shopping mode, I have some original artwork for sale for the first time ever, on my website! I'm so excited about this. Take a look.

First is a picture created by one of my Hilton Head students, Cheryl Wheeler.

I think her color choices are perfect, and didn't she do a nice job getting the effects of the gathers and shadows on the curtains? She also learned how to make the block wall, all of the shading, stitching the greenery and flowers, and how to put a reflection in the window, all in my one day, 'Old World Windows' class.

Very nice, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing!

Next up, tips from Pam Holland. I was lucky to take two days of classes from Pam. She is a world class quilter, a very talented artist, a world traveler and a generous and knowledgable teacher. She sometimes thread sketches and quilts her pieces at the same time, and snips thread ends rather than burying them (I was SO happy that she said that, I've done it for years)! She outlines and shades her work with Tsusineko's Fabrico markers. Awesome! I may need to start using some markers too, after seeing Pam's results. She uses her ipad a lot for drawing, and takes pictures every day. She shared some neat photo editing apps, too: Sketch Mee, and Mokuhanga. I'd like to go on and on, but maybe you should just go to Pam's website, and take a class from her whenever you can. Oh, almost forgot, did you know you should wax your sewing machine bed to keep things gliding smoothly on it?

Here’s Pam and a few of her amazing pieces:

I have a little video for you showing you how I put together a little piece (4x4")! It was fun and quick to do(the picture, not the video): After spending a lot of time trying to get it on this page, I give up! Please check it out on my YouTube channel.

If you're interested in how I make other landscapes and stitch trees, consider joining my class at AQS week in Daytona Beach. Here are some possibilities of what you might make after learning key information in my classes:

Happy Holidays! If you need a unique gift, my Color Hue Dyes are on sale! this week only.

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