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Filaine thread is Amazing!

I was thrilled to be chosen as a designer for Sulky of America. They were looking for ideas on how to use their fur-like thread, Filaine. What's furrier than a kitty? I immediately got permission from my friend, Stephanie, to use photos of her beautiful Tuxedo cat, Zoey.

Sulky just posted the directions and pattern for making Zoey. She looks very fierce and determined, but she's a love. I think you will be able to use my instructions to create your own fluffy buddy. The coolest thing about this thread-well, there are several.

Furry FUN Filaine and the Wire Brush

It can be run through your machine as a top thread or bobbin thread. And when you've sewn it in place, you brush it with a wire brush and the fur begins to fly. Well, not really, but it brushes up nicely so you can see it from a little distance and you just have to go feel it. Is your mind running wild with ideas, yet? What about a kid's pillow with their name written in Filaine, or decorating a baby quilt with it, or plants in a landscape, or clouds, or .......

I did two more examples so you will have ideas for a Santa face (great beard!) and a heron.

The thread comes in TONS of colors, too! Here's the link to the blog post where you'll find the directions and pattern stuff. Send me pictures of what you create with this cool stuff. Oh, and if you buy through the pink button at the bottom of my home page, I'll get a slight stipend from Sulky, it won't cost you a dime, and I'll be thrilled all over again.

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